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Training & Enablement

Main Topics

Esthetic Indirect Restoration
Esthetic Indirect Restoration
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Esthetic Direct Restoration
Esthetic Direct Restoration
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Plastic Esthetic Surgery
Plastic Esthetic Surgery
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Minimal-Invasive Restorations
Minimal-Invasive Restorations
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Fixed & Removable Prosthesis
Fixed & Removable Prosthesis
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Dental Ceramics and Composites
Dental Ceramics and Composites
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Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation,
mostly online events are currently planned.

03.2022 - Kiel, Germany

Fit für CEREC - Chairside restorations: material selection & adhesive cementation.

02.2022 - Frankfurt, Germany

Bonding to tooth structure - new materials and methods.

01. - 03.2022 - Online Seminars

Series of online seminars on various topics, such as prosthodontics & impantology.

10.2021 - Herringsdorf, Germany

Modern fixed prosthodontics - A contemporary guideline.

10.2021 - Kiel, Germany

Fit für CEREC - Chairiside restorations.

09.2021 - Mainz, Germany

Material selection and adhesive luting for contemporary restorations.

11.2020 - 09.2021 - (mostly) Online Seminars

Series of online seminars on various topics, such as dental materials, adhesion & implantology.

10.2020 - Hattersheim, Germany

Preparation, optimisation and adhesion of CEREC restoration.

09.2020 - Geneva, Switzerland

Digital Workflow - from material selection to adhesion and care. 

04. - 07.2020 - Online Seminars

Series of online seminars on various topics, such as dental materials, adhesion & photography.

02.2020 - Frankfurt, Germany

Contemporary prosthodontics and minimal-invasive restorations

02.2020 - Düsseldorf, Germany

Ceramics in implant prosthodontics

02.2020 - Sylt, Germany

Esthetic Dentistry: direct and indirect restorations

01.2020 - Karlsruhe, Germany

Adhesive luting for minimal-invasive restoration

01.2020 - Kiel, Germany

Zirconium oxide ceramic: Update

01.2020 - Vienna, Austria

Dental ceramics and adhesion

12.2019 - Munich, Germany

Minimal-invasive restorations and adhesion

12.2019 - Frankfurt, Germany

Composite restorations and bonding to dentin

11.2019 - Berlin, Germany

Contemporary guide to dental luting

11.2019 - Hattersheim, Germany

Is zirconium oxide the upcoming gold standard? 

11.2019 - Düsseldorf, Germany

Resin-bonded fixed dental prosthesis

10.2019 - Frankfurt, Germany

Dental restorative materials for chair-side restorations

06.2019 - Hattersheim, Germany

Basics to dental adhesion and dental ceramics

07.2018 - Londen, UK

Implant Restorations Assembled from Different Abutment-Crown Combinations (Poster)

05.2017 - Giessen, Germany

Fracture strength of zirconia implant abutments restored with ceramic reinforced PEEK, zirconium and lithium disilicate crowns after fatigue loading (Poster)

03.2017 - San Francisco, UK

Tensile Bond Strength of So-called Universal Adhesive Systems to Zirconia Ceramic (Poster)

09.2016 - Halle, Germany

Effectiveness of different surface treatments on the repair of veneered zirconia ceramic (Poster)

03.2016 - Los Angeles, USA

Comparison between the Fracture Strength of Lithium Disilicate, Zirconia and Titanium Abutments

06.2015 - Ulm, Germany

Fracture Strength of Titanium, Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate Implant Abutments

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