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Patient in Germany

“The treatment was terrific.
Dr. Elsayed has a lot of knowledge which he puts very well into practice, in addition to his kind personality. I felt in good hands at all times.
I am overjoyed with my smile makeover. With his work he gave me a new feeling for life.”


Thyra Schlimmermann, 
University Student

Former Student

“I consider myself incredibly lucky, that I had Dr. Elsayed among my training supervisors! Someone from whom I've learned a lot and who was always there for his students. An extremely good dentist - on expertise as well as on human level!”​


Sarah Reimer,
Dentist in Kiel

Patient in Germany

“ In 2017 I received an adhesive bridge by Dr. Elsayed. I was surprised by his self-confidence and brilliant way of operation at his young age. He treated me with empathy, patience and understanding for the fears and worries of the person “on the other side of the dental chair”.

The adhesive bridge is still in best condition and feels like my own real tooth.

I regret that he left Kiel and I can only say: Thank you very much and all the best for your future!”​


Iris Reitzig, 
Event manager in kiel

Former Colleague

“I worked with Dr. Elsayed for several years and saw him as a very accomplished colleague. Dentists and students were happy to approach him to ask for help or advice.

I personally enjoyed working with Dr. Elsayed because he had an incredibly calm, competent and personable demeanor which make him special and I hope that he will pass on his knowledge to many people and colleagues .”​


Maike Meyer,
Dental Hygienist in Kiel

Former Student

“Dr. Adham Elsayed was my supervising doctor in my first and in my last semesters of my studies. He not only supported all of us as an extraordinary dentist with all his expert knowledge but also advised us as a motivating teacher and mentor who was available for us any time.

Both the way he lectures and the way he treats his patients show great proficiency.

I wished every student had such an excellent mentor and I wished every patient had such an proficient, careful and up-to-date dentist. All the best for your future!”​


Anna Seufert,
Dentist in Munich

Former Student

”Adham was my supervisor and my dentist‘s role model. He managed to keep the balance between professionalism and friendship. You knew you can rely on his words because you knows what he was talking about. Up until today I can reach out to him which is very comforting, especially at the beginning of my career.”


Lucas Mann,
Dentist in Kiel

Former Student

“I am a dentist and during my studies Dr. Elsayed was my supervisor. He is a very knowledgeable, competent and skilled dentist and teacher... He is also great as a person.If he had his practice in Hamburg, I would never go to another dentist.”​


Maryam Shahpary,
Dentist in Hamburg

Patient in Egypt

Dear Dr. Adham, I want you to know that my smile is brighter than ever and wider than I thought possible.
I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for you.

You can’t imagine how much you’ve changed my view of life. So, thank you!


Moataz Matar, 
Head of Quality Assurance, We Telecom

Former Student

“Studying dentistry is a tough time.Knowing that you can always count on Adham's incredible knowledge and patience, his ambition to push you forwards and dedication to teach you all you need to know to become a passionate dentist, makes you realise:  you are not only in good but in best hands to master this path!”​


Nele Werner,
Dentist in Kiel

Dental Industry

“A great enthusiastic KOL leader in the field of research in dental care. It was great working with you. A great respondent, discussion was very insightful with him. I recommend for further KOL interviews to be done with him.”​


Manjurika Das,
Market Research Analyst

Former Student

“When I was a student, Adham was my supervisor.  In confusing situations, he always calmly mediated a good solution.  Despite his relatively young age, he was always characterized by his almost endless repertoire of knowledge.”​


Paul Kübel,
Dentist in Kiel

Former Partner

“Adham is my friend since 18 years. He is smart, active & helpful in every way. We were also partners in a clinic in Cairo & I was able to explore another great aspect of his personality because he has a leading character that enables him to deal with workmates & employees responsibly. He is supportive, creative, ambitious & passionate about his work, he always fills the place with tremendous vibes.”​


dr, Marwan Fleifel,
Senior surgeon - institute of cancer, Cairo

Former Student

“Adham is a good structured, precise working dentist with a good sense of humor. As a resident, he always brought the best out of us, to get the best possible result. With his extraordinary understanding of dentistry and human knowledge, there weren’t any problems he couldn’t solve. I am very grateful to have learned from him!”​

Catharina Ahrens 2.png

Catharina Ahrens,
Dentist in Kiel

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