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The following cases are just some examples of a broad treatment spectrum that can be offered.

The different dental treatments mentioned here are only brief information and should not be basis for deciding a specific type of treatment. Therefore, for more detailed information and consultation, please contact us.

All clinical cases are documented and copyrighted by Dr. Adham Elsayed.
All rights reserved.

Kazak 2x.jpg

Esthetic Replacement
of Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth in the anterior esthetic area can be very challenging and therefore, special skills and knowledge must be combined with science and techniques to restore and provide high-end esthetics without sacrificing valuable tooth structure. Sometimes minimal oral surgical corrections can be done as well to increase the esthetical outcome.

Comp Rest UK - MR.jpg

Esthetic Tooth-Colored Restorations

Removing caries and restoring the teeth in the anterior esthetic area can be challenging. To achieve durable and esthetic restorations that look and feel natural, a combination of material knowledge, art and contemporary techniques are needed. 

Surgery 4x.jpg

Plastic Periodontal 

Correction of soft tissue defects can be done using advanced minor oral surgical procedures and can have a very positive impact of the esthetic results. With advanced skills in operating plastic periodontal surgeries, such correcting procedures are minimally invasive and do not cause a lot of pain or discomfort.

Kraus 4x.jpg

Preserving Valuable

Natural tooth structure are the best and most durable solution to restore normal function and esthetics. Therefore, using state of the art techniques combined with skills and knowledge, tooth structure can be saved and restored in a stable and durable manner to ensure long-term success.

Jacobs 2x.jpg

Cosmetic Correction

Veneers are not always the perfect solution for correction of front teeth. In some cases, direct composite restorations can be the best treatment solution, which offers the patients great esthetical results with reduced costs and time in comparison to the ceramic veneers.

Extraction 4x.jpg

Teeth Extraction &
Immediate Restoration

With high experience, even deeply fractured teeth can be extracted in a gentle conservative way without the need for surgery. Moreover, for better esthetics and to enhance healing and reduce discomfort and pain, immediate provisional restorations can be placed directly after extraction. 

Implant 3x.jpg

Dental Implants

Implants can are a great tooth replacement that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Implants can be used to restore single or multiple missing teeth, or even to support complete denture, when all teeth are missing. Nevertheless, implant procedures require high knowledge and expertise in order to provide a long-term success.

Rest 2x.jpg

Ceramic Esthetic

Dental materials are developing in a very rapid pace. Being up-to-date with the new materials and technique allows the dentist to offer a wide range of treatment options that can restore function as well as providing high-end esthetics. Also the contemporary materials and techniques enable minimal-invasive approaches to avoid destruction of tooth substance. 



Missing teeth can be replaced by fixed dental prosthesis using supporting teeth or implants. Fixed prosthesis means that the patients does not remove the restorations and they are fixed in position, similar to natural teeth. There are many treatment options for fixed dental prosthesis and choosing the most suitable option requires expertise and being up-to-date with dental materials and treatment techniques.

Partial 3x.jpg

Partial Dentures

In case of several missing teeth, a conventional partial denture can restore function and esthetics by replacing the missing teeth. There are several treatment options to provide support and anchorage to the denture. Whenever possible, minimal removal of available tooth structure should be done. 

Wurzelkanalstift - Prothese 3x.jpg

Removable Prosthodontics

Dentures can replace natural teeth providing support for the cheeks and lips. To provide maximum support, teeth can be treated instead of extraction and dentures can be fabricated to fit over endodontically treated teeth to allow for a more secure fit of the appliance.

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